an ode to strangers

i’ll miss you
like the dozens
of meteor showers
i missed.

i’m not sure when,
but i’ll see you again.

tell me i will.


the taxi cab’s out front
and your bags are in the doorway
but you are still in the kitchen
drinking milk straight from the box
like you don’t know I hate it when you do that

I know you’re going to leave
you wouldn’t have kissed me on the
forehead when you thought I was asleep
if you’re going, why are you still here?

vampires need permission before
they are able to enter a house

what do you call someone who so
badly wants to leave but still itches to
ask if he can when the obvious reply is,
“no, don’t go?”


—i’m not going to beg


For after all,
the best thing one can do
when it is raining
is let it rain.

— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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